WordPress Structure & Performance Optimization

The main objective of this project was to rebuild and clean up a WordPress website that was cluttered and had multiple performance issues (like page load speed, client and server errors, pagination issues, unsecure content), responsiveness issues, and other SEO-related problems like bad redirects, orphan URLs, sitemap issues, etc. 

Apart from that, we reorganized and improved the entire structure of the website and we changed the navigation.

The website was rebuilt from scratch, starting with a clean WordPress instance and a clean database. We used Elementor PRO page builder to recreate each page having the original website as a visual reference, and we implemented a series of custom UI elements as needed. 

Another task was to migrate a blog of 500+ articles that were built with Visual Composer builder on the original website – so we made all the needed adjustments to ensure full compatibility between the two websites and we made that successfully.

In the end, the website performance was improved visibly, the errors were solved, the visual appearance of some pages was improved, the responsiveness issues were fixed.