How we work

These are the processes and tools we use to ensure a smooth and efficient collaboration

All-Inclusive Model

We’re taking care of HR, infrastructure and overall administrative tasks, so that you can focus on the core business

Needs Discovery & Consulting

  • Project needs analysis
  • Advise on team model, structure and size
  • Consulting on remote collaboration processes & tools

Recruitment & Team Formation

  • Source the perfect candidates
  • Initial screening
  • Interview setup
  • Follow up with candidates

Infrastructure Management

  • Modern offices
  • Conference rooms
  • Technical equipment
  • Video conference systems

Administrative & HR

  • Employee contract & benefits administration
  • Private pension fund
  • Health plan
  • Team building events
  • Tax & legal services
  • 24/7 IT administration

Overview & Support

  • Local management team, technical & administrative
  • Daily contact with team members
  • Travel & accommodation assistance

Flexible Team Models

We gathered experience in multiple technologies, platforms, and operating systems. Customers can choose different forms of staff augmentation, including local or remote team leads, independent or part-of-the-team services.

Long term collaboration

Nearshoring: Team of engineers with a local

Tech Lead or Project Manager

Nearshoring: Team of engineers with your

Tech Lead or Project Manager

Short term collaboration

Project-based: a local team of engineers with

either local or your own Project Manager