Edit App Integration


The Microsoft Office Desktop integration allows you to edit MS Office files (Powerpoint, Word, and Excel) that your marketing team provides in a Sales Enabled Platform. You can edit the marketing-approved content to better satisfy your customer’s needs using the Office Desktop installed on a Windows device.

Together with the collections feature, personalizing presentations, documents, and spreadsheets to form a dynamic duo. Here’s a great use case: You can use non-editable, larger PowerPoint files that your marketing team provides and separate, editable files where you can add and edit prospect names, agenda items, and any other ideas that personalize the presentation. You can mix and match the slides from both presentations in a collection, without having the larger PowerPoint file to be processed again.

Company logos change, and the color palette of your brand might get adjusted. Using this integration helps you always to use the latest branding and messaging format created by the marketing team. At the same time, it offers the flexibility to improve the buyer experience by adding information specifically for a customer and a prospect.

Key features

Microsoft Office Desktop integration in the Sales Enablement Platform

Personalize documents, sheets and presentations

Stay up to date with the latest brand identity and messaging formats