Cloud Storage Integration

ISSCO-Cloud-Storage-IntegrationCloud Storage integration was built with the purpose to facilitate content synchronization between three well-known content providers, Google Drive, Dropbox, Box, and a sales enablement platform.

Updates to the content in your content provider like add/rename/copy/move/delete/upload new version/restore old version/restore from trash will be reflected in the content library of the sales enablement platform.

The integration supports synchronization of meta data such as tags.

The monitoring tool enables you to verify details about each asset so you have better insight into the activity occurring related to your collateral, including a log of any changes that have been made to files. You can also search, sort and filter between records.

You can opt to delete or keep files when you delete the connection, typically if you have moved to another storage system. This gives you the flexibility to update connections over time without losing historical assets.

Key features

Streamlines the asset management in the sales enablement platform

Ensures there is a single source of truth for your collateral

Provides insights into asset activity and updates

Content updates sync automatically

Native files (Gslides, Gsheets, and Gdocs) are converted to MS Office files upon synchronization to the Sales Enablement Platform