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How Quality assurance and testing work

Quality assurance directly impacts the quality of a product or service during the development process. Through audits and other related processes, our QA teams identify and correct the existing code issues. In simpler terms, quality assurance ensures the high quality of your products or services.

It is a natural step to keep your app updated and to develop new features. By making it complex, the core features have to continuously be retested and optimized to ensure a smooth functioning user experience.

A QA team will check your software with professional testing technologies that are closely supervised. This way you are able to focus on the new functionalities with the peace of mind that everything else is carefully analyzed.

ISSCO’s flexible business model helps you get quick access to certified experts within days. Our QA architects and engineers are ready to optimize your project for as long as needed.

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Quality Assurance solutions & features

DESKTOP: Our desktop QA engineers methodically test the entire architecture of your software. We’ll examine all aspects of your app, including functionality and performance under all conditions.

WEB: While web application SaaS and cloud-based solutions are on the rise, they bring their unique challenges. Through web QA and testing we’ll create a full investigation meant to detect problems such as security breaches, traffic stress, integration errors, and compatibility issues.

MOBILE:  Your mobile app should be effortless on any device and platform and offer a seamless user experience. During mobile QA and testing, we ensure that the quality, usability, and security of your app are at the highest level possible.


Functionality testing

Backend testing

Compatibility testing

Integration testing

Regression testing

Smoke testing


Functionality testing

Web UI testing

Usability testing

Compatibility testing

Cross-browser testing

Regression testing

Validation of web services


Mobile device testing


Functional testing

Performance testing

Installation testing

Localization testing

Regression testing

Quality Assurance & testing types, stages, and technologies


Types of Testing

I. Manual testing

During the manual testing process, our quality assurance team checks the performance of your product on a variety of devices and analyzes its user interface and usability. Manual testing is useful for identifying vulnerabilities that can’t be detected automatically.

II. Automated testing

The process creates a long-term investment in your product’s success. It covers all potential scenarios and does a complete verification of its performance on multiple platforms. This can accelerate your time to market and give you a better chance at satisfying your customers with a flawless product.


Our main goal is to ensure the high quality of your product. That’s why our Quality Assurance process includes the following stages:






Microsoft .NET

Microsoft Visual Studio



Selenium WebDriver

Appium (mobile)



Get a professional scalable QA team for your project


Software testing is a challenging and indispensable process that requires having the right team, tools, and knowledge.

Whether you need a QA team for a shorter or longer time, we offer a range of scalable testing services that fit your budget, from simple bug testing to full testing.

At ISSCO we’re more than just a team: we’re a technology company that offers comprehensive Quality Assurance services like audit, testing, and reporting.

Hiring a QA/Testing professional team


Our skilled, certified QA engineers have a deep knowledge of the latest technologies and tools. We’re proud to be perfectionists and this is how we do things.
Hiring a complete QA team is quick, and easy, and we only need a few details to get started. Bugs, errors, and defects must be found as soon as possible and corrected during the software development stage.

Roles and Availability


To achieve the most effective QA and testing results, we offer the following team/resources:
– Project Lead (manual/automation)
– Senior QA Architect (manual/automation)
– Senior QA Automation Engineer
– Medium QA Engineer (manual/automation)

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“We have found our alliance with ISSCO to be exceptionally invaluable in cost-effectively growing our business. We have been impressed with the professionalism, quality, and responsiveness of ISSCO and look forward to many more years of mutual success. The ISSCO team feels like a natural extension of Cloudalize, and working with the team is a real joy. I would greatly endorse ISSCO’s services.”

– Jeffrey Meesemaecker, CTO & Founder Cloudalize


“The whole ISSCO team has been wonderful throughout our contract. We certainly hope to find another opportunity to engage ISSCO again in the future.”

– Tim Hohman, CEO & Co-Founder BoxBoat




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